Thursday, April 19, 2012


I caught you
walking out on wires again,
falling out my window
in a trick so beautiful
that your father wept
and your lover
held his breath.
You called it
an act of defiance
in that voice
that brings me to my knees
and begs me
to argue with you
when you know
that all I really want to do
is strip the pain
from your insides
and bed you
like war.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Night Song

Show yourself to me again -
let me trace your features
where memory is afraid to hide,
and the battle of words
knows a prolonged and easy peace.

Teach me what is brilliant
in the dull surprise of unsung notes
and a heart too full of magic
to know its own mind
or find its way back
to the first ease of our beginning.

Speak to me in your riddles
and mysteries,
those enthralling syllables
whose meaning you have stolen
and wear like a silken skin
around your naked thoughts
lest I pluck them from you.

Take me in slow inches
and dress what cannot be fathomed
in soft wishes,
lost in the ashes and whispers of words
where the wicked moon hangs her gypsy heart...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


He wasn't anything
she wanted in a man -
she found his mouth confusing
and the pierce of his gaze
unsettled her
and made her skin feel small.
He asked too many questions
with the brandish of his hips
and his tongue broke promise
with the stories mother told
about good girls and heaven.

She did not like the way
his eyes counted the buttons
on her shirt like angels
or the rude words
that raked against her dreams
and made perfect sense
or how the way he said her name
under his breath
made that place between her hips
go rough like August....

Monday, April 2, 2012


Her love is like
well worn gloves -
willow green soft
with supple fingers,
the tips taut
and splitting the cloth
textured like May,
urging me to peel back
the tight weave
and run my hands
under her fabric
and explore her seams.
buttery suede
with crevices like new milk,
bursting the stitches
where I run her threadbare
and smooth
under my heart.