Friday, December 2, 2011

Private Music

I want to explore
the whys, wheres and whats
of your body.
I want to taste them ripple
like silver
and bee stung roses
under my tongue,
piquing a sharp taste for more.
I want to feel heat rise in your cheeks
and spread over your breasts,
lazy notes
rolling down the sweet cleft of your thighs,
arching under your hips
and spreading in an fan under me.
I want to pluck mysteries
from the wisps of silk
that cling to warm skin,
and gently tear away secrets
curled under the sheets
that run against my body
in a soft riot of your music.
I want to play you,
run you out
and unstring you
note by note,
treble and gentle drum roll

and rattle this night drenched world...

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