Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Let me kiss those lips
so good at stirring up dissent
among the rabble
and keeping dull clerics
on their toes
with nimble questions
that try my patience
and drive strong men to drink,
like how many angels can sit on a pin head
or how do you shove a fat guy
through the eye of a needle?

Turn my water into wine
and stun the crowd
with your miracle of choice.
Maybe the Lazarus trick
where you cheat death
and then appear on a grilled cheese sandwich
to housewives in Hoboken -
one last shell game
from the carpenter who would be king
and start a revolution.
You see, I have a plane to catch
(30 pieces of silver won't get ya far these days)
A one way ticket to the promised land;
but before I go, I need to know
Are we good?

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