Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Fall

He tempted her
with wanton riddles and guessing games
ripe skin
and tender fruit
that burst on her tongue like summer.
He made promises in a looking glass -
beautiful glints of good and evil
that grew in her secret garden
among succulent vines
and thick bristling thorns -
and whispered tricks of light and dark
in the soft cleft just behind her ear.
He insinuated himself
like an acrobat
in the fertile spot
between her thighs
with caresses so intimate
she wept,
and spilled his venom like seed.
And in that moment,
she felt her mouth break
and dark wings beat inside her bones.
She knew colors
and tasted secrets
that tore her tongue like nettles.
She felt the thick heat
of tears behind her eyes
and suddenly understood
the unspeakable silence
of falling.

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